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Painting and repairing sash windows can be a very time consuming and involving project for a non professional to take on. Unfortunately its rarely as simple as a quick sand down and a lick of paint, well not if you’re trying to make sash windows look their absolute best. To make your windows fully weather protected takes a lot of time, a lot of effort and a little know how. We have restored and painted numerous sash windows over the years, everything from easing stuck windows that haven’t been opened for years, right the way through to rebuilding rotten window sills.

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  • At Paul Tinsley Decorating, we only use trade branded, professional materials that, amongst other things, offer higher pigment content than domestic paints and are designed with a high quality finish and longevity in mind.


As with all exterior fittings and fixtures, sash windows can be quite susceptible to weather effecting factors and generally require painting at intervals between four and six years. This can depend on various factors such as window position, the age of the window itself and even the materials used to paint the windows previously. For example, if a window is in the sun most of the day, there is a good chance that it will weather much worse than a window that is tucked away in the shade most of the time.

Sash window restoration


  • All our members of staff are well versed in the decoration of windows. We all have many years of experience and know how that enables us to provide a superior finish that lasts.



Quite often sash windows will need a fair amount of TLC before any paint can be applied. This can include filling the windows to make them weather proof and sealed, the application of putty where the existing putty make have broken down or even fallen off and stripping the windows back to bare wood if the existing paint is too far gone to salvage. For more extensive repairs, we work closely with our partners at The Traditional Sash Company. They specialise in the renovation and draft proofing of sash windows and we often take on projects together. This is usually to keep the disruption to the customer to an absolute minimum.

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