Office painters

Our customers have told us having an office or place of business decorated is beneficial for them for numerous reasons. Some of these include setting the right image for a company and its clients and making a company look as professional as possible. If a potential customer walks in to a freshly decorated, clean working environment, they are more likely to deduce that a company who cares about its appearance, is a company worth investing time in.

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More surprisingly, having a freshly decorated office can also have a positive effect on staff moral. This is due to the fact that if employees can see that their employer is proud of the image that the business portrays, they are more likely to feel that they are a part of something worth being a part of and in turn, will treat their work place as somewhere that they actually want to be, rather than somewhere they have to be.

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At Paul Tinsley Decorating we offer our painting and decorating services to a number of commercial clients across Nottingham. Our office painters and decorators work quickly and quietly, to keep any disruption to an absolute minimum. We are able to offer our services for jobs ranging from a small touch up, right the way through to complete office redecoration projects.

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We are always happy to talk through any questions or queeries you may have. Please feel free to give us a call on 01158409776