Frequently Asked Questions

What sectors do you work in?

We work in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. Over the years our painters and decorators have pretty much painted everything imaginable and it’s extremely rare for us to come across a project type that we haven’t tackled before.

Do quotes include materials?

The vast majority of the painting projects we provide quotes for are inclusive of materials. We are happy to structure a quote in any way a customer requests, such as including all painting materials required, labour only or even working on an hourly or daily rate.

How Much does it cost?

The unfortunate answer to this question is that it depends. There are a lot of factors that can vary the price of any project cost and we will need to visit and provide a free site survey to be able to offer a fixed price. We are happy to provide a rough idea of costings over the phone or over email or check our our painting and decorating prices page for a rough idea of potential costs


Paul Tinsley (the owner) has been working in the painting and decorating industry for almost twenty years. Paul started his training as an apprentice and then worked for a very large commercial painting company for ten years before being made redundant when the recession took hold. Paul decided to start his own company as a way of ensuring he could provide for his family and the company grew organically from there.

Notable projects?

Every project we take on is important to us and we approach them all in the same way but there are a few that stand out. Over the years we have built relationships with a large number of businesses in and around Nottingham, some of these companies include The traditional Sash Company, MPM LTD, Rushcliffe Borough Council, Loughborough Endowed Schools, Access Training LTD and Maltby Maintenance.

Areas covered?

Our painters and decorators are based in Nottingham but we do regularly in Various locations throughout the East Midlands. We often work in Derby, Leicester, Loughborough and have worked in Manchester and London on occasion as well. We are happy to travel where ever the work takes us.

Type of materials used?

The type/brand of materials we use will depend largely of the type of project we are working on. We are not affiliated to one particular brand as such but we the main brands we use are Crown Trade, Dulux Trade and Johnstones Trade materials.

Are you insured?

We are completely insured to work in your you or place of business and are happy to provide a copy of our insurance certificate if required.

What services do you provide?

Our painters and decorators can and do cover every service imaginable that comes under the painting and decorating banner. We apply wallpaper, renovate rotten wood and paint anything you can thank of.

CRB check

We have been asked to provide CRB checks a few times over they years and we have of course been happy to oblige. All CRB checks have always come back clean in case you were wondering!